Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Night fun

You might recall in one of my previous posts, the story of Mr Peter Decadeur from the Pump House. We had dinner together and a few drinks, he was a friendly old man... he even invited me to his 80th birthday party and advised me to dress up. Well... last night after many reminders from my mother, I got all dressed up, put on some makeup and some fancy heals, and went to his Birthday.

The only problem was, he VAGUELY remembered me. Now I know he probably suffers from a little dementia, being 80 and all, but I thought we connected! HA! It was really cute, I went up and said hello... he said "oh, it's so good to see you again, have some cake, it's chocolate, my favorite" The he turned to the next person waiting to say hello and said the exact same thing. So cute. I think the most comical part of the event, was that Mr. Decaduer had either been bathing in self tanner, or spending several of his quiet nights in a tanning booth preparing for his big party. He w
as as orange and crispy as fried chicken. I actually made the picture I took of he and I, black and white because in color he looks slightly terrifying.

I took my roommate and a friend with me, (THANK GOD!)... They were in shock when we arrived. I told them we were going to a birthday party... I think I
failed to tell them it was for an 80 year old! LOL. We looked like outsiders (considering we were at least 50-60 years younger than everyone else) but we had lots of laughs in the midst of it all and, after two cocktails said goodnight to Peter, and headed to a more age appropriate event.

Above: Peter and one of his ladies in his younger days. Below: Peter and I (thank me for the color editing)

Since I arrived in Chicago, I have been in search of a good blues club. One of the elders at Peter's birthday party recommended a place called "Blue Chicago"... a bit of a hike in heels from where we were, but after arriving, it was well worth the trip! The music was amazing, and the singers so sassy and entertaining! The group did four sets lasting into the wee hours of the morning, and could have kept the attention of the audience for hours more. They played old classics, and group originals. The beers were cheap, and the atmosphere was what you would picture in a Blues club; dark, loud, full of character AND characters ;)

Part of the wonder of living in a big city is having all the best of the arts at your fingertips. Music, museums, theater, food. I have been so consumed with getting settled and making this town feel like home, that I kind of forgot how lucky I am to be so close to all of these amazing things.

Tonight we're staying in, a little tired and hung over from last night... tomorrow, MORE rain! :(

PS: Thank you all for your sweet comments, I have such fun recording my adventures, and it is so amazing to have so many wonderful people to share with!

So until next time...